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In 2007, Brothers Alex and Denis Giovanetto had the idea of creating a company to answer the needs of the Automotive sector in the Canavese and Piemontese markets.
Thanks to the experience gained by their father, a superb mechanic called Mr. Dario Giovanetto, in over 40 years in the mechanical machining sector, a company called DEX ASSEMBLAGGI was set up and immediately conquered important market shares by assembling thermoplastic, metal and rubber components for third parties for the most important Valdostan and Piemontese companies.

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Special machines manufacturing thanks to the partnership with Elimont.

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Third Party

DEX ITALIA offers a wide range of “Third Party” manufacturing services:
From the designing / prototyping to final manufacturing of the finished mechanical piece.


Third Party

Since 2007 DEX ITALIA has been dealing with Third Party Assembly carrying out partial and complete assembly projects in many different sectors such as: Automotive, Oil & Gas, Medical, Aerospace.


Manufacturing of Special products

DEX ITALIA proposes itself as Strategic Partner for the Aerospace and Oil & Gas industries manufacturing high added value pieces.


3D Printing

DEX ITALIA is at the service of companies, designers, planners and enthusiasts who want to give shape and life to their ideas and projects using the new 3D printing technologies which are redefining the concept of Digital Factory on Demand.


Industrial Automation

With the consolidated experience gained by the Owners father in more than 40 working years DEX ITALIA can create today Automatic and / or Semi-Automatic assembly islands for the production of new products.



Maximum Quality with Certified Processes

DEX Italia has set up its Quality System based on the latest UNI-EN-ISO (9001) standards, with all operations controlled and verified according to our Customer needs.
Due to the high quality of our working processes DEX Italia is now a reference point in the Third Party assembly and storage sectors.